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What is RAL Chart:  It is an internationally valid color system for paints used in industry and trade in 1927. 30 Starting with the standard color, has reached 1600 colors. International is a single color language, valid in all countries of the world.    

Caution in Color Selection  : (1) All colors in the chart may differ from the original colors due to the display and lighting settings of the screens. (2) In order to avoid confusion in your color choices, we would like to inform you that each color code represents your own color when determining your order . (3)The order you specify will be produced at one time and in one charge. A further color order, which will be produced on different charges, even from the same color, may result in a tonal difference between charges. In order to prevent this situation, when determining the number of buckets in color orders, the application area should not be incomplete or even more than 1 bucket should be calculated. We would like to inform you that our company cannot be held responsible for the grievances that may occur in this regard. (4) Our quality values ​​are the same in all colors. However, in warm tones (Orange and shades) and / or similar color shades, it is possible to see roll marks on the floor. To avoid this, you can apply more coats until the roller mark disappears, or you can change your color preference.   












Meaning of Colors


Increases red blood pressure, increases appetite, accelerates blood flow. That is why the logos of the food brands are red. Brands such as Coca Cola, Pizza Hut, Ülker, Burger King .. used red in their logos. Red color is used in products that appeal to youth. Levi's, The Little Big, Nike, and Puma have preferred red. The cause is speed and adrenaline. Red color is used in sports cars. Red is a color that is immediately noticeable in nature, but it is difficult to distinguish from a distance. Therefore the West, skyscrapers and high spots blue signs are used, but insisted that the color red is used in skyscrapers in Turkey. However, the red color does not attract attention from a distance. Half of the lamps in police cars are red and half blue. This is due to the fact that red is closely visible and blue is also remote. People forget the concept of time in a red place. That is why red is used in nightclubs and bars. This means: Forget the time! For more! Stay Sleepless!


White refers to cleanliness and purity. In some countries, it is identified with widowed women and women thought to be evil. In Japan, white represents death. White also stands for continuity and stability. Wearing white in a job interview will create the impression of a slow but permanent staff.


Green represents vegetarianism, butchers therefore do not use green. They are used in red. Green is nature itself. Also the green color gives confidence. Therefore, green is often used in bank logos. It is also a relaxing color for the bedroom, which fosters creativity. In the west, the kitchens of hotels are green, because they foster creativity. Hospitals prefer green in their logo and interior design because it is relaxing and calming. It has been found that people suffer from less stomach pain in green environments. Green is the most preferred color in chewing gum packages and places where vegetables are sold. It has been found that the colors disable some nerve cells in the eye for a short time. Green is one of them. When you look at green for a long time, it kills two cells in the eye, you cannot detect any color for a short time if you look away. It is therefore not recommended to use the green color in car displays. When you look at the night display, you cannot detect different colors for a short time when you turn your head to the side. The reason for having problems with seeing for a while after the oncoming headlights is also related to this issue. According to scientific research, the human eye cannot look at blue and green for a long time.


Brown makes you move fast. In a survey in Cansas, they made the walls of the art museum in changeable colors. They left the walls white for a while to reveal the difference between white and brown. When the walls were white, people moved slowly, and when they changed the walls to brown, they saw people moving faster. That is why all fast food restaurants have chairs and tables with brown walls and brown or champagne color. You can't see anyone's wall in white. From MC Donalds in London to those in America, the murals are brown, which means: Eat quickly! Go quickly! If you want to keep employees at work longer, you should not use brown furniture in the offices. Brown also offered is a comfortable color. If you want the person to feel informal, you want to open more comfortable wear brown. In the west, brown is the color of the earth, and it is said that you will fade away among other people, so it is the color of earth in business negotiations and professional meetings, and you fade away among other people. Do not wear brown during job interviews or professional meetings.


Black represents ambition, power and passion. When you ask them: inde What color would you prefer if we were going to give you a car when you started to work in our company? Siyah, the company will think of you as an ambitious and aspiring employee. In us and in the west, black symbolizes mourning, while in Japan it symbolizes happiness. Recalls nobility when black is used in the background. Black is the color that brings the most concentration. To concentrate, Einstein walked into a black room with no sunlight and thought so. For this reason, we used Black Fund in our "Yılpaz" Company and "ZBS" brand logos.


Gray is a diplomatic and heavy color. It is also known as the most comfortable color of the eye. Inactivity represents slowness and seriousness. In the Armed Forces, everything is gray. In the state, everything is gray. It is thought to have killed creativity.


It has been found that purple people unleash fear in their subconscious. In many suicide cases, all of the suicides were purple.


Freud described blue as an ocean, calm. Faber Birren says that blue reduces blood pressure. Arabs believe that the blue stones, the turquoise, slow the flow of blood. Evil eye beads are therefore blue stone. It is a calming color, and in the West they paint the bridge railings blue to reduce suicides because of the calming effect of blue. In an American elementary school, they changed the color of the walls from white and orange to blue, and saw the children's grades rise. Their mischief is also reduced. Blue in particular denotes navy productivity, authority and infinity. The logo of many brands in the world is blue. The most common color used by banks in their logos is green and blue. They emphasize that they are big with blue and they are reliable with green. Green and blue represent robustness. Blue is a color that reduces the desire to eat, so they don't use blue in anything in fast food chains. They use blue color and logo in all diet products. Milk and dairy products are also used for healthy blue. In a study conducted by Marie Claire magazine, it was revealed that the blue covers were the best-selling numbers. The most important feature of blue is that it can be noticed even from a distance.


Yellow is the expression of transience. It also represents attractiveness. The reason why taxis are yellow all over the world is to attract attention and know that it is temporary. The logos of car rental companies are also yellow. Therefore, no bank emblem in the world uses yellow. Using yellow is one way to say ız you have invested your money but forget it now.. The only bank in our country that uses yellow in its logo is Vakıfbank in the world. Yellow reminds me of transience and death. In the rooms painted in yellow color, children cried more and adults were irritable. Interestingly, animals turn yellow rather than red to show that they are angry. It is one of the most common colors because it is the least pigmented color.


Orange is a remarkable color. If you prefer this color in a product or brand, this product will give its image for everyone. People enter orange-covered areas more easily. This group also has a feature of showing the number of the group. Takım With these orange jerseys, we look more than the opposing team, görünüyor said Ernst Happell, a national football player.


Pink sends a feeling of comfort to the other side. We feel more comfortable especially if the people we are going to pay wear pink. In Marks & Spencer stores in the UK, all salespeople wear pink shirts. When they showed a group of cookie boxes of various colors and asked, hang Which do you think is delicious? Çoğunluk the majority thought that the pink boxes were delicious. For this reason, a pink-magenta color is used in chocolate and cookie boxes.


Bronze color has a negative effect. Bronze color works if you want to get a reaction. This color is used in the fonts of banks because it recalls gold and money.




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