Zemin Boyama Sistemleri - Our understanding of quality
Our understanding of quality


Our commercial adventure, which started in 2009 under the name Yılpaz" , continued in 2012 with the brand "ZBS" Z sure B oyama S requests) and reached today. Our factory with 5,500 m2 production area, we reach our consumers with free shipping to every corner of Turkey.

We  make continuous analyzes to ensure that all our ZBS" branded products that we manufacture  are permanently renewed and the resistance values ​​are maximized. With our expert chemist group, we conduct aging and resistance tests in our R&D department such as Meteorological conditions, impact resistance, friction and scratch resistance, wet-dry press abrasion, intense vehicle-pedestrian traffic, UV effect. In this way, we can detect the deformations that may occur on our products in advance, and continuously improve their features such as friction resistance, long-lasting use, late contamination and easy cleaning.

  • ZBS Floor Covering Paint
  • ZBS Floor Anti-Slip Paint
  • ZBS Solvent Free Epoxy Paint
  • ZBS Solvent Epoxy Paint
  • ZBS Chlorinated Rubber Road Marking Paint
  • ZBS Double Comp Road Line Paint
  • ZBS Cellulosic Paint
  • ZBS Synthetic Paint
  • ZBS Anticorrosion
  • ZBS Rapid Paint
  • ZBS Hammerton Paint
  • ZBS Aluminum, Copper, Gold Stamping Paint
  • ZBS Phosphor Paint
  • ZBS Fireproof Paint
  • ZBS Heat Resistant Paint
  • ZBS Transparent Floor Guard (Varnish)
  • ZBS Wood Protector
  • ZBS Yacht Varnish
  • ZBS Primer group (primers of all products we produce)
  • ZBS Water Based Interior-Exterior Paints (Construction Paint Group)



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