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We are the first paint manufacturer with 100% domestic capital, specializing in this field by manufacturing only in the Floor Paints and complementary products segment, which started the paint sale service with free shipping from the factory to the door of the consumer, for the first time in Turkey, through our online sales site www.zbsmarket.com . .   ZBS (Zsure PaintSystem Systems)It produces under the brand name ofZBS with a range of complementary products that can provide maximum water insulation and high impact resistance on floorsProducing under the name of "Floor Paint"CE" We can proudly say that we are the first paint manufacturer to have a certificate.

In 2009, our deep-rooted sector experience came to life with the trade title of Yılpaz paint and insulation materials. In those years, our company, which mainly produced water-based interior and exterior paints in a small workshop, changed its production model and structure over time, and in 2013, with its own brand ZBS (Z sure Paint System Systems) within the scope of Floor  Paints  ,  Epoxy and many  other paints . started production with its product range of multipurpose floor coating paints, floor non-slip paints, border paints, road line and floor marking paints, heat resistant paint, phosphorescent paint, industrial paints and special purpose paints. Over time, our consumers ' ZBSThanks to the trust and trust in our brand and quality, as of 2019, the capital structure of the company was expanded and  received the commercial title of " ZBS Boya ve Kimya San.Tic. A.Ş " . Today, by manufacturing in the Floor Paints segment with more than 60 product types in 7 different categories, with 300 color options, we continue to serve our consumers all over Turkey with free shipping. According to us; Every individual with a smartphone is a ZBS dealer. www.zbsmarket.com ) 

With the strength arising from this, we have developed stronger and more equipped floor paints, which we have developed by constantly performing aging, meteorological abrasion, press abrasion, water insulation and UV tests in our R&D, with different floor types and tonnage floor traffic, especially in heavy industry production. .   By offering our products "ZBS FLOOR PAINT","ZBS NANO FLOOR PAINT", "ZBS 2K ALIPHATIC FLOOR PAINT", "ZBS 2K NANO-TITANIUM FLOOR PAINT", "ZBS 2K FLOOR PLUS", ZBS 2K POWER FUL+ We become competitors, improve, develop and grow with the trust of our valued consumers to ZBS .

We do not allocate our earnings only to our company development and investments. Within the scope of our Social Responsibility Project named "WE MIX OUR EMOTIONS WITH OUR BUSINESS", we provide solutions to the paint needs of our schools, giving priority to the schools in the east of our country with limited opportunities, and we experience the justified pride of having every heart that we are able to make happy .   

With the aim of high service quality and unconditional customer satisfaction, ZBS , which develops innovative products by closely following the market,   has established its company policy and commercial structure on a consumer-oriented structure and has adopted this as the basic principle. With the power arising from this, ZBS continues its way as the leading brand in the " Floor Paint " line that it opened by itself.

We would like to express our gratitude to all our consumers, suppliers and colleagues who cooperate with us by trusting ZBS Earning the trust of each of our new consumers and, more importantly, maintaining this trust is our duty to be virtuous before a commercial stance. For this reason,   we constantly subject all of our ZBS" branded products to aging and fatigue tests such as meteorological conditions, friction, scratching, waterproofing resistance, wet-dry pressed abrasion, UV effect. Thus, by detecting the deformations that may occur in advance, we ensure that the values ​​such as longer life of our products, late contamination and easy cleaning are maximized through improvement and development studies within our R&D.


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