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First time in Turkey, "Franchise System" without, to the door of the consumer from the factory, free shipping and providing services, Floor Paint specialized in the segment of Turkey's first and only, but also 100% domestic paint brand in. ZBS  (Floor Painting Systems)

In 2009, our deep-rooted industry experience came to life with the title of Yılpaz Boya ve Yalitim Malzemeleri Ticaret. Our company, which mainly produced water-based interior and exterior paints in a 200 m2 factory in those years, changed its production model and structure over time, and in 2012, its own brand ZBS ( Z sure B oyama SEpoxy and Multi-purpose Floor Coating Paints, Floor Anti-Slip Paints, Border Paints, Road Marking and Floor Marking Paints, Fireproof Paint, Heat Resistant Paint, Phosphorous Paint, Industrial Paints and Special Purpose Paints. . Over time, thanks to the trust and appreciation of our consumers towards our ZBS brand and quality, ZBS Boya ve Kimya San.Tic.Ltd.Şti expanded the Company's capital structure as of 2019 received its commercial title. Today, Istanbul / Pendik address in our factory, making the manufacture of floor paint segment with 5,500 m2 production area, up to the door of our consumers in every corner of Turkey, we continue to serve with free shipping.

From search engines on the Internet, "Floor Paint" keyword searches performed with, "ZBS" our brand, from every point of Turkey, which 1.sayfa and 1.sıra is growing together with our valued customers, we are producing for this country.

With the aim of high service quality and unconditional customer satisfaction, ZBS , which is a model among its competitors by closely following the market, has established its company policy and commercial structure on a Consumer-oriented structure and adopted it as the basic principle. With the power born from here, ZBS is taking firm steps towards becoming a leading brand in its field.

By relying on ZBS, we express our gratitude to all our Consumer, supplier and business associates who are in cooperation with us. It is a humanitarian virtue task for us to gain the trust of every new consumer and, more importantly, to maintain this trust before a commercial stance for us. For this reason, we  continuously subject all our ZBS" branded products to aging and fatigue tests such as meteorological conditions, friction, scratching, wet-dry press abrasion, UV effect. In this way, we make improvements and developments within our R&D in order to detect the deformations that may occur in advance and to maximize the values ​​such as longer life of our products, late contamination and easy cleaning.


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